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IMSS offers a variety of services and applications for Faculty, including:

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Student Resources

Your Caltech (access.caltech) account, provides you with various IT services including:

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Staff & Postdoc Resources

IMSS offers a variety of services and applications for Staff and Postdocs, including:

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Strategic Projects

Cahill Building on California

Upgrades in Progress

106 or 78% of the Caltech buildings have been upgraded on campus as of February 2022. All student housing has been upgraded along with 70% of the Academic Research buildings. See the wireless upgrade map for more details and planned buildings.

More than 2.9 million sq. ft. of the campus has new wireless access

Over 2.9 million square feet of the Caltech campus have been upgraded to the new Caltech Secure network. 663,000 square feet remain on the Beavernet wireless.

More than 2,400 New Access Points

The wireless project includes the addition of 2,400 access points. Over 2000 access points have been installed since the beginning of the project.

HPC Nvidia GPU

High-Performance Computing

The mission of the High-Performance Computing Center at Caltech is to support the research efforts of scientists performing sponsored research. The HPC Cluster provides a low cost, high-performance resource for HPC Computing on campus. Learn more.


  • 12,840 (storage and GPUs)
  • 108 Groups- usage increased by 40% in 2020
  • 895 Users
  • Completed our $750k expansion

Caltech Sites is a new content management system

Caltech sites

Over 210 Caltech sites have been created

Allows you to quickly and easily create a website using the standard Caltech brand. You will not need to do any coding – just upload images into the site and compose your content in our rich text editor.

The main advantage of using Caltech Sites to build your lab or department site is that we provide visual design to make your site match the overall Caltech web presence. In addition, you are easily able to show selected news articles and calendar events from www.caltech.edu within your site, as well as other institutional data like contact information and course catalog descriptions.


* Ability for multiple users to edit content
* Saving drafts for review before publishing
* Document handling (Supports PDFs, Word, Excel, etc.)
* Image upload and editing
* Editing content with a rich text editor (no need to learn HTML)
* Customizable page layouts with our layout engine and block-based design

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